Mongo Ika, Large 500g (Sushi Squid/Cuttlefish)

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Azuma Mongo Ika, Large 500g


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Azuma Mongo Ika, Large 500g

Our cuttlefish is a product of Japan that is uncooked, tenderized, pre-sliced for sashimi and frozen. The taste of cuttlefish is more pronounced than squid but not quite as as rich as their cousin, the octopus (tako). Cuttlefish offers a texture that is creamy yet still firm with a nice bite. In sushi applications it goes very well with ponzu or tamari sauce. It’s also a popular ingredient in stews, paellas and risottos because it can be cooked for longer without losing its texture.


초밥용 갑오징어
꼬득한 맛이 일품이 갑오징어초밥!
일반 오징어보다 더 쫀득하고 담백한 맛으로 밥위에
올려드시면 깔끔하게 초밥을 즐기실 수 있습니다
갑오징어는 살이 부드러우면서 쫄깃하여 지방은 없고
단백질이 풍부한 건강식품입니다!



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