Tako Wasabi 1kg (Marinated raw octupus with wasabi)

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Azuma Tako Wasabi 1kg


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Tako Wasabi 1kg

Takowasabi is essentially raw octopus mixed with wasabi and it is suppose to be eaten with a piece of nori like the picture shown above. The raw octopus was a bit crunchy so it was really lovely to have that crunch against soft seaweed. The wasabi has a nice kick to it as well.


쫀득 쫀득한 식감의 타코와 알싸한 와사비의 만남, 타코 와사비!
싱싱해서 쫀득한 식감을 자랑하는 타코! 코끝이 시원해지는 기분좋은
알싸한 와사비는 첫 맛은 톡 쏘지만 씹을 수록 느껴지는 주꾸미의 고소한 맛과
달큼한 끝 맛이 좋아요.
김에 싼 후 참기름에 콕 찍어서 드시면 더욱 맛있습니다


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