Brown Sweet Rice 50lb

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Brown Sweet Rice 50lb, 1 bag 

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What is sweet brown rice?

Sweet brown rice is a short grain variety of whole grain brown rice. Like all rice, it’s gluten free and a nutritious whole grain to add to your diet. It’s thick and short and cooks up completely different from normal rice….

It’s also called sticky or glutinous rice, which has nothing to with gluten… it describes the texture.

Once it’s cooked, the rice grains will hold their shape, but when they break open – the inside is thick and creamy. It’s really lovely!

What does sweet brown taste like?

It has a mild nutty flavour, like regular brown rice, but because of its texture it gives it an almost creamy flavour.

Despite the name, I don’t find that it’s sweet on its own, but the mild flavour of the rice does work really well in both sweet and savoury recipes.



맛있는 영양잡곡, 영양듬뿍 현미찹쌀입니다


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