Energizing Soup (5 Different Meat bone)

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Energizing Soup (5 Different Meat bone)


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Energizing Soup (5 Different Meat bone)

  • Beef Digital Muscle 1kg/Pack
  • Beef Hind Beef Tendon 1kg/Pack
  • Beef Marrow Bones 1.5-2″/pcs 1kg/Pack
  • Beef Feet White 1.5″/pcs 1kg/Pack
  • Oxtail Cut 1.5-2″/pcs 1kg/Pack

Bones also contain bone marrow, a fatty substance that is extremely nutrient dense and considered one of the original “superfoods”, that is released into the meat during the cooking process, amplifying the meats nutrients density.


다섯종류의 사골이 세트로 만들어져있습니다.

  1. 소고기 아롱사태 1kg/Pack
  2. 소고기 스지 1kg/Pack
  3. 소고기 알사골 1.5-2″/pcs 1kg/Pack
  4. 소고기 족1.5″/pcs 1kg/Pack
  5. 소고기 꼬리 1.5-2″/pcs 1kg/Pack


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