Yamaimo-iri Soba , 390g

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Itsuki Yamaimo-iri Soba, 390g

고구마전분 소바 390g

일반소바면에 고구마전분이 포함되어 메밀국수 맛을 한층 더 풍미있게 해줍니다.

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Itsuki Yamaimo-iri Soba, 390g

Yamaimo Iri Soba are superior buckwheat noodles incorporating the starch of Japanese mountain yams, which gives them a silky smooth texture. Like most Asian noodles, soba noodles must be thoroughly rinsed after cooking to remove all surface starch. Please note that these noodles, like most (if not all) soba noodles contain wheat gluten.


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