Frozen Grated Wasabi 750g

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Kaneku Frozen Grated Wasabi, 750g

생와사비를 갈아서 냉동으로 만든 제품입니다. 일반 와사비와는 맛이 확연히 다르며, 톡 쏘는 와사비 맛이 아닌, 은은하게 퍼지는 맛입니다. 관리자 추천합니다. 생와사비 좋아하시는 분들에겐 좋은 상품입니다.

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Kaneku Frozen Grated Wasabi, 750g

Real wasabi is not spicy. It’s more like the aroma of spiciness but without the pungent punch of the mustard seed flour in the fake stuff. Fake wasabi has a very strong taste that overrules the delicate fish taste. It delivers a strong blast of spiciness that comes from the mustard seed flour.


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