Shiro Dashi 1.8L

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Marukin Shiro Dashi, 1.8L

다시마 농축액 1.8L

어묵탕, 우동, 핫팟, 각종 국물류에 첨가하여 드시면 좋습니다.

주재료로 다시마, 가다랑어포, 말린 고등어등을 농축하여 만들었습니다.

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Marukin Shiro Dashi, 1.8L

white dashi stock – is a great all round Japanese cooking ingredient. Dashi stock is an infusion of kelp, bonito fish, and dried mackerel which brings a delicate Japanese flavour with a huge hit of umami savouriness to many Japanese dishes


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