Shiro Miso Hanagozen (White Miso Packaged), 100pc

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Riken Shiro Miso Hanagozen (White)

인스턴트 일식 된장국 분말입니다. 100개 작은봉지로 나뉘어져 있습니다.

뜨거운 물만 끓여서 부으면, 일식 된장국이 됩니다. 미역이 들어가 있습니다.

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Riken Shiro Miso Hanagozen (White) 100pc

Miso soup is a great soup to drink while you fast and some people purchase instant miso soup sachets. Miso soup is low in calories and has health benefits as mentioned above. Though, homemade instant miso soup is way better than store-bought.


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