Sweet Rice 50lb

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Sweet Rice 50lb, 1 bag

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The grains of glutinous rice is opaque, shorter and rounder, and they are typically used to make mochi (rice cakes) and traditional sweets like sekihan and snacks like rice crackers. 

Because of its low amylose content, glutinous rice becomes very sticky, chewier and glutinous when cooked. It also has a sweet flavor, which makes them ideal in making sweets or cakes. Glutinous rice is also often ground into fine flour to make mochiko (also called sweet rice flour or mochi flour). This flour is used for making dango (traditional Japanese sweet), mochi (rice cake), yatsuhashi (traditional sweet from Kyoto) and so on.



찹쌀은, 차진 기운이 높고, 멥쌀보다 소화가 잘 됩니다.
찰떡, 인절미, 경단, 단자 등 여러가지 떡을 만들며,
찰밥, 약식, 식혜, 술, 고추장 등을 만드는데도 쓰이기도 합니다.


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