Tamaki Gold PREMIUM Rice, 50lbs

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Tamaki Gold Koshihikari Rice, 50lbs

프리미엄 맵쌀, 스시용 등급, 골드 쌀입니다.

Short-Grain 이며 (쌀 알갱이가 짧고 통통합니다) 시간이 지나도 밥이 잘 굳지 않은 프리미엄 등급 쌀입니다.

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Tamaki Gold Koshihikari Rice, 50lbs

How to Prepare:

Rinse 2 times until water runs clear;

Standard water to rice ratio:1 .1 cups water to 1 cup rice;

If utilizing a rice cooker, follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Additional Cooking Instructions: Soak rice 30 minutes prior to cooking to allow for absorption. Let stand 10 minutes after cooker turns off and fluff rice to let extra moisture escape.

To assist freshness, we suggest that you keep the rice in a dark cool area, and after opening the bag, please consume promptly.


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