Top Sirloin Steak AAA 8 oz Center Cut Thick

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Top Sirloin Steak AAA 8 oz Center Cut Thick

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Top Sirloin Steak AAA 8 oz Center Cut Thick

“The most prized sirloin cut money can buy.”

Hard to argue with a steak that’s nicknamed the “baseball cut.” It’s big, thick, flavorful, and forgiving. Our center cut top sirloin steaks are cut from AAA Canadian-raised beef that’s aged for a minimum of 30 days and totally free of hormones or antibiotics. These are true center-cut steaks, completely cleaned and denuded before they’re portioned—something you won’t find in stores. Best of all, we hand cut our top sirloin steaks CUSTOM to order. Top sirloin steak can be prepared many ways and brings its own unique flavor—it’s a meat lover’s staple for a reason.

Goes Great With…

Potatoes and greens or your favorite mushroom sauce (maybe a big glass of big malbec if the mood is right).

Our Preferred Preparation 

Look for a really good garlic butter recipe. In all honestly, you can cook one heck of a top sirloin on the grill, pan, or broiler—it won’t dry out on you.


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